We combine the richness of Anatolia's natural resources and especially medicinal plant resources, which have been known for centuries. With the experience in-plant processing, to respond to the needs of the manufacturers of Traditional Chinese Medicine drugs abroad, especially in the pharmaceutical market of the People's Republic of China.

The vast natural resources of our country are strong enough to address the production programs of many pharmaceutical companies. Having an extensive network of relations in Western European and Asian markets, Pergamon İlaç A.Ş. is preparing to make very successful commercial operations in this field.

The rapidly developing economy of the People's Republic of China and the pharmaceutical and health-supporting product market, which consists of tens of millions of Chinese citizens whose purchasing power is increasing significantly every year, are also among the targets of Pergamon Pharma Inc.

Food supplements, natural products, and food products produced by prominent companies of the Turkish economy are not yet adequately represented in the Chinese market. As Pergamon Pharmaceuticals Inc., we aim to deliver the products of the distinguished companies of our country to the Chinese people with the stores that sell Turkish products that we will open in the most critical city centers of the People's Republic of China.

Traditional medicine practices have a long history in Anatolia. For example, Mesir Paste, whose origin goes back to BC, is one of the Turkish products that our company attaches the most importance to promoting in Asian markets.

The Covid 19 epidemic, which has surrounded humanity step by step since the beginning of 2020, has shown how important it is for societies and individuals to have a robust immune system. Turkish pharmaceutical and food supplement product manufacturers have introduced essential products that support people's immune systems to the market in the last year. Our company aims to promote this important product line in Asian markets.

Promoting and marketing traditional and contemporary Turkish health products in Asian markets, especially in the People's Republic of China, Avrasya Pharmaceuticals Inc., is the most crucial goal of the study program.

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