Sarl Karataş

As Sarl Karataş, we have been operating in Algeria since 2004. We are a company with a contracting certificate in Algeria, which has entered the list of companies that can build housing in the Algerian State at the point we have reached in the business we started with the export of fruit from Turkey to Algeria first.

Sarl Karataş is one of the few Turkish companies in Algeria, as it is 99% owned by Karataş Turkey and was founded before 2012.

Our company headquarters in Dely Ibrahim district in Algiers, the capital of Algeria; we also have our lodging in Dely Ibrahim, our lodging in Alger Center, our residential sales office and lodging in Annaba, 570 km from the capital, and a lodging in Skikda, where Africa's largest refinery is located.

In 2010-2014, we carried out the stone breaking, drilling, blasting and transportation works of the 1.200 km highway passing Algeria from east to west. We operated 6 quarry camps of Japanese COJALL (a consortium of five Japanese companies and a bank). We have done the dust collection unit works of ARSENAL MİTTAL, which is the largest steel plant in North Africa in Annaba. We carried out the transportation of wheat, flour, etc. products from Algerian ports into the country. We carried out the decoupage works of the phosphate fields of Algeria, which is the second phosphate exporter in the world after Tunisia.

Our company is specialized in infrastructure and superstructure works and has become the solution partner of many well-known foreign companies.

Our current activities in Algeria are as follows:

  • Excavation,
  • Concrete supply,
  • Mining and Quarrying operation (installation and operation of stone crushing plants)
  • Shipping,
  • Infrastructure works of industrial projects,
  • Design and construction of building projects (hotel, shopping mall, etc.),
  • Steel construction (supply and assembly),
  • Mechanical and electrical installation works,

Through the companies within our group;

  • A 1100 m2 land was purchased in El Biar, one of the most exclusive districts in the capital of Algeria, and a 7-storey residence consisting of 42 luxury flats was designed.
  • Our company carried out the transportation of the annual 1.2 million tons of raw materials (pellet, iron ore, coke, etc.) arriving at the port of Hadjar Iron and Steel Complex in Annaba to the factory.
  • Our shipping fleet also carried out the transportation of primarily wheat imported grain products between the port and silos of the Algerian Grain Board (OAIC) ​​in different cities.



  • On behalf of our group company Sarl Karataş İnşaat, we have been operating in Algeria since 2012. The investment files of our company have been approved by the Council of Ministers. Karataş is one of the two companies that received approval from the "National Investment Council" (CNI) in Algeria.
  • For our steel mill and rolling mill complex with an annual capacity of 150,000 tons, 125 decares of land has been amended. Following the completion of the infrastructure works of the industrial zone, the construction of the factory will begin.


CEO: Doğan Duyar

Address: Villa 86 Cite 11 Decembre 1960 Dely Ibrahim 16302 Alger

Phone: +213 661 35 14 51 +213 23 30 71 05




Sarl Karataş 1


Algeria - Setif Worksite
(Hamra - Ksar El Abdal - Ain Oulmene - Setif)(Hamra - Ksar El Abdal - Ain Oulmene - Setif)

Quarrying for the highway. 0-700mm material production and transportation to 41 km distance

Sarl Karataş 2a Sarl Karataş 2b Sarl Karataş 2c Sarl Karataş 2d


Tarf Worksite
(Ain Said - Tarf)

Quarrying for the highway.

Sarl Karataş 3a   Sarl Karataş 3b


Skikda Worksite
(Ain Charchar - Skikda)

Installation, operation and transportation of concasor plant for highway to storage location 5 km away

Sarl Karataş 4a   Sarl Karataş 4


Arcelor Mittal Annaba
(El Hadjar Iron and Steel Plant - Annaba)

Steel body manufacturing and installation of 2 electrofilter dedusting units
Amount of work: 2,000 tons of steel (1,100 tons of steel manufacturing, 1,500 tons of assembly, 400 tons of disassembly)

Sarl Karataş 5a   Sarl Karataş 5b



Faaliyet Alanı
Construction and Mining