About Us

Görev Holding Inc. was established in 2017. The 100% owner of our holding is the Görev Foundation (Communication Volunteers and Staff Foundation).

Our holding works to improve Turkey's economic relations with Eurasian countries. Financing investment projects for productive Turkey; Realizing our own investments in the geography stretching from China to Mali; We are working to ensure the right partnerships in large public projects.

We have a wide range of foreign trade connections from Latin America to China and Russia. Our foreign trade companies continue their activities with their expert staff.

We aim to add new projects that meet today's demands to the construction and mining projects we have completed in Turkey and Algeria.

Health and Defense Industry are the most strategically important sectors.

Every day we live shows this to us over and over again. We, with our companies in the field of health, undertake an important mission in the national health move of our country. In the defense industry sector, where Russia and China are developed, we are developing partnership models in line with Turkey's attack and interests.

We started new investments in the fields of automotive and technology. We focus on technology transfer opportunities to or from our country. Tourism and insurance are also service sectors in which we are active.

Görev Holding, through our representative offices in China, Russia and Algeria, keeps the commercial pulse of the major centers of Asia and Africa. It works with the aim of creating new opportunities for our holding and our partners.