China Test Center

China Test Center is an institution that is a candidate to play an important role in foreign trade transactions between Turkey - China, West Asia, North Africa and China.

China Test Center was established with the authority of CAIQTEST (Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Test Center) for the organization of pre-export testing, inspection and certification services for products to be exported to the People's Republic of China in Turkey and 26 West Asian - North African countries.

Thus, invaluable support will be given to the goal of making a meaningful contribution to the welfare of all participating countries by increasing and balancing the mutual trade between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Turkey and the 26 West Asian and North African countries, and by creating a systematic order. A real development of relations between Turkey and 26 West Asian and North African countries and China, both between state and private sector institutions, can only be possible by placing the trade between these countries on a regular and sustainable infrastructure. Here, the China Test Center is a strategic structure that will form the basis of the relations of these countries, as it will regulate and increase trade and give it a structure that all actors gain.

For manufacturers and exporters, exports to the People's Republic of China will be facilitated, costs will decrease, profit rates will increase, quality control will be ensured and a total advantage in international competition will be gained.

The trade deficit between Turkey and the People's Republic of China, which is about 20 billion USD against Turkey as of 2020, will be greatly reduced in the next few years, with the full efficiency of the China Test Center, as our exports to China increase significantly. Thus, a very important contribution will be made to reduce Turkey's current account deficit.

The laboratories of third parties, which are authorized by the Chinese Testing Center BAKA and accredited according to the Chinese legislation, will be used as accredited analysis laboratories for the products exported by Turkey to China.

Exported products will not be retested when they arrive at Chinese customs. In the first year, samples of companies exporting to China and potential exporting companies will be sent to China and inspected, starting immediately, until the accredited laboratories are ready.

In addition, the traceability service will be offered to the regional exporters, especially food and cosmetic products. Thus, the Chinese Test Center BAKA will issue a "safe imported product" certificate to Turkish and regional export products. Exporters using this system will gain an advantage in terms of "trust and quality" when marketing their goods in China, as they will record and present the product features and all the basic details of the export process.

In short, simultaneous sending of samples, issuance of traceability certificates, and the activation of laboratories where export products in Turkey and 26 other countries will be tested through the accreditation process - are the three foremost working areas of the China Test Center.

The China Test Center will act as a strategic institution that will transform exports to China into a systematic process, as well as pave the way for important developments in the way of bringing Chinese investments to Turkey due to the external effects it will create in the economy and establishing production cooperation aimed especially at European and Middle Eastern markets. In this aspect, it will also trigger a production mobilization that will ignite small and medium-sized producers in Anatolia. It will also lead to the establishment of a mechanism to control the quality of the goods we import from China, as well as the increase in the quality of exports to China.

In summary, the activities of the China Test Center will provide meaningful support and set an example, with tangible economic results, to the projects and studies developed within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Information note:

Countries covered by the China Test Center West Asia and North Africa:

1-Turkey (centre) 2- Azerbaijan 3- Bahrain 5- United Arab Emirates 6-Algeria 7-Armenia 8- Morocco 9- Palestine 10- Georgia 11- Iraq 12- Iran 13- Israel 14-Qatar 15-Cyprus 16- Kuwait 17-Libya 18-Lebanon 19-Egypt 20-Mauritania 21-Saudi Arabia 22-South Sudan 23-Sudan 24-Syria 25-Tunisia 26- Oman 27-Yemen

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