Central Russia Investment Council/Key Partner


The Central Russian Investment Council was established in April 2019 by the decision of the President of the Russian Federation. It acts together with the Governorships of the administrative regions in order to develop investments in the Central Federal District with a population of 39 million, consisting of 18 Oblasts (administrative districts) in the center of Moscow.

Central Russian Investment Council;

Coordinates Investment Projects from the Beginning to the End

Provides Direct Access to All Public Support and Development Institutions

A Single Address for Healthy Communication Between Investors and Local Authorities

The delegation of the Central Russia Investment Council, chaired by Artur Niyazmetov, appointed by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, made its first overseas trip to our country on 21-26 October 2019, at the invitation of our Holding. The delegation met with 234 Turkish business people in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul.

Merkez Rusya Yatırım Konseyi/Key Partner

At the Istanbul meeting on October 26, 2019, in the presence of the participants and members of the press, a cooperation agreement was signed between Key Partner , a consultancy company affiliated to the Central Russia Investment Council, and Görev Holding .

With this agreement, Görev Holding has been determined as the sole authorized institution to provide all kinds of consultancy services regarding the investments that Turkish business people will make in the Central Russian Federal District.

web: www.keypartner.ru