The Message of the Chairman

Dear business and solution partners,

Dear colleagues,

We are witnessing a change in which the center of gravity of the global economy has shifted from the Atlantic to Eurasia, and Asia has become the production center of the world. The world is rediscovering the importance of production-based mixed economy and planning. The economic climate is changing at a rapid pace. Our country is one of the main actors of this change. Even foreign trade data alone reveals this fact.

Under these conditions, our holding has taken on the goal of Turkey taking a leading role in the rising Eurasian economy. As Görev Holding, we have tried to open new horizons for business people in the Eurasian geography with the meetings we have held and the cooperation agreements we have made. We make long-term plans. We believe that the synergy we have started to create between our companies will transform us into a global holding in a short time, and together with all our business partners, we will achieve works that will benefit our country and our society, and we will achieve successes that will make us all proud. We will be a source of hope for our country and a source of inspiration for our people. We aim to reach the goal of producing Turkey together.

We trust the producers of our nation, from our industrialists to our workers.

Our core value is to develop by sharing both on a global scale and in our country.

Best regards,

Hüseyin Tugay Şen
Chairman of the Board